Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemon and lemongrass oil are completely different even though they both have a lemony scent. The lemongrass oil is capable of an immediate reduction of pain and inflammation and additionally, it's antibacterial property prevents the further growth of bacterias and helps the wound heal faster. One of the best advantages of lemongrass oil is that it can help to keep your immune system so strong and also keeps your bodily systems balanced.

Lemongrass oil has a strong scent of lemon with earthy undertones. It is light, refreshing, relaxing, and helps in relieving fatigue. Lemongrass oil is known to stimulate menstrual flow. Tea made from lemongrass is used to help menstruating women deal with cramps and nausea. This oil eases the muscles and tendons that are tightened up. Lemongrass oil provides immediate pain relief by soothing muscle spasms and helps improve blood circulation. It is used for cleansing pores and treating acne and it soothes indigestion.

Lemongrass oil has benefits for skin including its antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties, used for treating acne and cleansing pores. Most of the people use lemongrass oil for face, rather than as a massage oil. The refreshing aroma combined with the oils soothing property makes it an effective agent for massage therapy. Lemongrass can be used in your skincare routine to help promote pure and toned skin since it contains toning and purifying benefits for the skin. Consider adding a few drops of Lemongrass essential oil to your daily cleanser or moisturizer to help purify the skin and improve skin tone.

Lemongrass repels insects such as fleas & mosquitos making it a popular choice for natural pest control. Below are several ways to use oil to repel insects. The aldehydes in lemongrass oils make it an insect repellent.