Cinnamon Citrus Hand Cream and its Benefits

When two traditional herbs join, the result should obviously amaze you. One such nourishing hand cream is Cinnamon Citrus Hand Cream which comes with an exemplary blend of Cinnamon and Citrus extracts. You might be a fan of mojito, a cold glass of lemonade, and a hot bowl with a dish squeezed with lemon, but have you ever noticed that lemons do come with tons of benefits outside the kitchen? The explicit fact is that your skin loves lemon too! We came to know the secrets behind the two famous conventional herbs- “Cinnamon and Lemon”. And hence we thought of enhancing your skin by incorporating them together in this Cinnamon Citrus Hand Cream. This handy cream can give your hands a radiant glow, leaving them soft and smooth with a blissful fragrance. Buy hand cream Singapore at cinnamon legends.

Benefits of Cinnamon Citrus Hand Cream

  • The extracts of lemon make this cream rich in Vitamin C. This will help in reducing skin damage
  • This cream will moisturize your skin if you have dry skin (Hand Cream for Dry Hands)
  • Rubbing the cinnamon citrus hand cream can leave your hands delicate with a sweet fragrance of Cinnamon and Citrus
  • The richness of Citrus can make this cream act as a natural brightener. The citric acid present in this cream can lighten your skin over time
  • The lemon extracts in this cream also act as a natural astringent thus reducing greasy complexion
  • When your nails are dry and brittle, massaging this cream could bring out all benefits of a manicure at home
  • For those suffering from harsh and yellow nails, this Cinnamon Citrus Hand Cream would be of great help to make your nails look pretty and stunning
  • The use of Cinnamon extracts which comes with rich antibacterial properties helps in keeping your hands free from germs wherever you go
  • The brightening properties of Citrus extracts present in this cream has been proved to work magically on tanned skin