Benefits Elixir of Life 18 Tea Bags

Consumption of black tea reduces LDL and prevents from coronary heart disease. Controls blood sugar level. Prevents cell damage from free radicals like smoking and toxic chemicals and detoxify them. Reduces the risk of ovarian cancer and also prevents kidney stones. Easily helps to reduce weight. As it contains varieties of anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral compounds it improves immune system by removing foreign and pathogens from the body. Has Stimulating effect on gastric juices and stomach acids and helps in constipation, bloating stomach upset and cramping. Helps in reducing stroke by managing your diet and regulates blood pressure. Polyphenols helps in preventing cancer cell survival. As it contains amino acid L- theanine which improves alertness and focus. Relieves from stress. It also stimulates metabolism and respiratory system, as well as the heart and kidney. Restructs bacterial growth and reduces cavities and tooth decay. Reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis by increasing bone density. Lowers the risk of ovarian cancer.Helps in preventing diarrhea. Fights against skin infections and blemishes, delay skin ageing and reduces eye puffiness. Helps in skin cell rejuvenation and skin infections. Protects skin from UV radiation by preventing it from damage.It prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. Acts as a natural dying agent. Involved in reducing menstrual cramps and other pre menstrual symptoms. Protects body tissues against oxidative stress and associated illness like cancers and coronary heart disease. Lowers LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. It fights for skin ageing by making skin stay hydrated and elasticity.