Uses and Benefits of Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Cinnamon leaf essential oil is derived from the leaf of the cinnamon tree. This makes it milder and cost-effective than the oil obtained from the bark of the cinnamon tree. The oil has a combination of vital natural phytochemicals like eugenol, linalool, benzyl benzoate, and small amounts of a chemical known as cinnamaldehyde.

The cinnamon leaf oil is really a great essential to use in aromatherapy. It can do wonders to help lift your spirits after a long, tiring day, as well as help to relieve stress. The oil works as a natural sedative, so it can be used to help induce healthy and uninterrupted sleep, a vital part of maintaining a healthy body, and keeping your hormones and emotions well balanced. It contains a higher amount of antioxidants than any other spice. This makes it an effective material for the treatment of skin.

Eugenol rich Cinnamon leaf essential oil is antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and antifungal. Eugenol also has analgesic properties and has been shown to relieve aches for up to four hours. It also has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and neuroprotective properties. Eugenol has been studied/researched more thoroughly than cinnamaldehyde.

Cinnamon leaf oil has a stronger aroma when compared to bark oil. Its major chemical ingredient is eugenol. Cinnamon leaf oil can be diluted and used to treat tooth and gum problems.

Studies have shown that cinnamon leaf oil can act as an excellent mosquito repellent and hence can be used to ward off these pests.cinnamon leaf oil is extensively used in the perfume industries due to its high intense scent.

Cinnamon leaf oil is used as an additive in soaps and insecticides. It is also used to flavor savories and seasonings.